Proflax Chill Out Bundle

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Bundle consisting of

1 x 350g Tummy Tastic,

1 x 250ml Calm and Collected

1 x 100ml Omega Calm

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Dogs can get anxious, just like humans. Various factors can result in increased levels of anxiety; aggression from other dogs, separation issues, lack of training, noise phobia and social situations such as visits to the vets or groomers.

Although anxiety is an emotional response, it has an effect on the physical body. The immune system is triggered in a ‘fight or flight’ response which causes blood pressure to rise and reduces attention and focus. When in this state it is difficult to think or maintain a sense of balance. Anxiety also affects the gut as this is your dogs immune centre, resulting in poor digestion or loose bowels/constipation.

Proflax Chill Out Bundle includes 250ml Calm & Collected Oil which includes ingredients that calm the nervous system and promote greater focus and concentration. Tummy Tastic is also included which balances gut function, stabilising the immune system and reducing the physical symptoms of anxiety. The 100ml booster product in this Bundle is Omega Calm which can be given as extra calming support as and when needed.


We recommend that you feed Calm & Collected Oil and Tummy Tastic in daily rotation, so one product on one day and the other the next. Use Omega Calm as and when needed for extra calming support.
When used as directed, this bundle will last a 25kg dog 6 weeks, with some oil remaining which can be used in daily rotation until finished.