Pet Health Care

Pet health care products. We have a range of antiseptic sprays, shampoos, claiming balms and pastes.

Golden Paste
Pet Test Kits
Proflax produce their superfood supplement range for dogs & cats in beautiful Devon. The ingredients in our oil based products are human food-grade, 100% natural, fresh and of premium quality, produced in Britain by accredited and DEFRA approved farms. Our oil based products consist of 25% concentrated herbal tincture blends and either 75% cold pressed flaxseed oil or white fish oil. Tummy Tastic and Bottoms Up are powder based supplements with all natural ingredients and added pre & probiotics. Keep off Me! Is a 100% concentrated tincture. All products are completely natural and don’t contact any nasty chemicals, additives or preservatives.
Boil and Broth
Natural Bone Broth for dogs and cats. Bone broth is a natural remedy renowned for it’s digestive healing qualities. At Boil and Broth, we add no vegetables or seasoning to our bone broth meaning it is packed full of proteins that can help to reduce inflammation. All our bone broths are made to human grade. It’s that good you can eat it. There is no difference in the production process between human and pet feed. The only difference is that we add chia seeds to our pet broth to help firm up the poops and keep your dogs stools moving. Our bone broth is a food supplement and should be added to your pets meals.
At Warriorbullz they pride them selfs on providing 100% organic natural supplements. All of their supplements are vetinary approved. Additional infomation on there products can be found on there holistic vets websites. If you are looking for a natural way to give your fury friends the best possible life, then look no further ! Waiorrbullz have spent a lot of time researching 100% natural organic products that can not only give your pets a happy healthy life but can also help heal them from the inside out