So a lot has changed since I first wrote our ‘about us’. As most of you already know our raw journey began with Dave the
British Bulldog.
When Dave joined our family as a young pup he came with his fair share of problems. The main thing being kennel cough,
which he recovered from but the impact this had on his immune system was huge. He had allergies, lumps and bumps,
bald patches and he seriously stank! His immune system had been seriously compromised and he needed nourishment. He
needed to be fixed from the inside out. At the time we also had another British Bulldog, Sophie. Sophie was 7, so already
‘senior’ for a bulldog. She was a rescue, so not in the greatest of shape. Would raw be the right thing for her?

I did loads of research, spoke to others that had already made the change to raw, did lots of umming and arring and decided
to do it. Just hoping I was making the right decision for both of them.

So fast forward to now!

Both our bulldogs are sadly no longer with us. But, what I can tell you, is that they both thrived on their raw food.
Sophie turned back the clock and gained a new lease of life till the grand old age of 11!
Dave no longer suffered with his list of problems and lived until the age of 10.
Neither of them went to the vet for anything, only at the very end for Sophie, but Dave died in his sleep as home.

So, the decision was 100% the right decision! Not one second did I think I’d made a mistake, so much so that I wanted to
be able to help others in the same situation with their own dogs.

So in 2016, the Raw 4 Life in Somerset journey began! It’s been wonderful to be able to help so many people help their
animals, not just dogs! Cats, ferrets and even once an owl! We are here to help you start or continue your raw feeding, there’s
always so much more to learn, and we are passionate about helping you to help yours as we did and still do (we now have 4
frenchies) help our own, to be fed as nature intended!