Here at Raw4Life we recognise that the cost of living is getting harder and harder by the day and as a family run business we understand some of the extreme levels we have to go to to feed our families and now our pets too.

We have looked long and hard at this situation and even though we are a small family run business, we have decided to go along with the big major supermarkets and reduce most of our prices to try and help everyone to keep feeding their pets as they’re use to.

We don’t have to do this but we want to do this to help support our community.

Delivery Price Drop 

Along with reducing our prices, we have reduced our delivery prices as well. Instead of the box price being £2 more for delivery we have decided to abolish that £2 and make all the box prices the same whether you are collecting or having a delivery. Unfortunately we have had to change our delivery drop charge to keep our van running so now its £7.50 for TA1 to TA9 excluding TA4 and £10 for TA4, TA10  upwards and beyond TA postcodes,  so BA, BS, EX.

We hope this helps everybody in these unprecedented times, these price reductions can not last forever but we just need to pull together and help everyone where we can.