Proflax Allergy Bundle

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Bundle consisting of

1 x 350g Tummy Tastic,

1 x 250ml Skin & Coat 

1 x 100ml Liver Love

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Allergies are on the rise and more dogs are now suffering with itchy, dry or red skin, hot spots, sores or hives.

Allergies generally arise from an unbalanced immune system. Basically, antigens such as pollens, dust mites, moulds etc aren’t met as a threat by a healthy immune system. However, if the immune system is compromised by poor gut function or medication, these antigens trigger a histamine response causing some of the symptoms outlined above.

Proflax Allergy Bundle contains three products that will help to bolster the immune system, keep the liver and lymphatic system cleansed and offer natural steroidal and anti histamine properties to reduce itchiness. These products are 250ml Skin & Coat, 350g Tummy Tastic and 100ml Liver Love.


We recommend that you feed Skin & Coat Oil and Tummy Tastic in daily rotation, so one product on one day and the other the next. Use Liver Love twice a week, replacing the Skin & Coat Oil on an oil feed day to aid effective detoxification of the liver.
When used as directed, this bundle will last a 20kg dog 60 days in total which works out at only 75p per day