Proflax Yeast Protocol Bundle

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Each bundle includes

1 x 350g Tummy Tastic

1 x 250ml Liver Love

1 x 250ml Immunity & Vitality

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Proflax Yeast Protocol Bundle

Yeast is a big problem in dogs which can present itself in many ways. The most noticeable are skin conditions/allergies. There maybe paw chewing, head shaking, scooting, ear infections, discoloured skin and soreness under the armpits and in the groin. Plus your dog may have a funky smell!

Most yeast conditions can be attributed to poor digestion, diet, immune dysfunction, stress and toxic build up, perhaps from ongoing medication.

Proflax have designed a protocol to help reduce yeast conditions by improving gut function, boosting immunity and cleansing toxins from the liver and lymphatic system. The Yeast Bundle contains 3 products; Tummy Tastic, Liver Love and Immunity & Vitality. For best results, it is advised that the customer feeds a fresh food diet and eliminates starch, sugars & carbohydrates from the diet and reduces toxins where possible.

How to feed:

Rotate Tummy Tastic and Liver Love for 3 weeks. Follow by a daily rotation of Tummy Tastic and Immunity & Vitality for a further 3 weeks. This sized bundle gives a 6 week protocol for dogs up to 25kg, when fed following the daily feeding guidelines. After 6 weeks continue to rotate the remaining Immunity & Vitality and Liver Love oil until finished (approx 18 days)


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