Proflax Adult Wellness Bundle

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Bundle consisting of

1 x 350g Tummy Tastic

1 x 250ml Immunity & Vitality

1 x 100ml Skin & Coat

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Proflax Adult Wellness Bundle

Maintaining optimal health and wellbeing throughout your dogs adult life cycle is vital – prevention is always better than cure! There are countless reasons why supplementing your dogs food with Proflax is beneficial;

  • Some breed types need more support than others (joints, heart, anxiety prone)
  • Working dogs or those who compete (fly ball/agility sports) require extra support
  • Injury/rehabilitation periods require additional support
  • Essential fatty acids (EFA’s)are necessary for cell renewal, cognitive function and to aid the effective absorption of food.
  • Most standard dog foods lack a good amount of EFA’s
  • Most commercial dog foods lack a good level of essential nutrients

Proflax Adult Wellness Bundle contains:

1 x 250ml Immunity & Vitality Oil which supports all aspects of general health in the adult dog (bones, joints, nervous system, heart, liver, kidneys, brain and immune system)

1 x 350g Tummy Tasic which is a powerful pre & probiotic that will keep your dogs gut strong and full of healthy ‘good’ bacteria. Used in daily combination, these two powerhouse products will keep your dogs physical and emotional health in tip top condition

1 x 100ml Skin & Coat Oil as a ‘booster’ product which can be used once or twice a week keep your dogs skin and coat in pristine condition. This blend also contains lots of lovely detoxifying herbal ingredients which help to gently cleanse, thus avoiding allergy type symptoms.


We recommend that you feed Immunity & Vitality Oil and Tummy Tastic in daily rotation, so one product on one day and the other the next. Use Skin & Coat Oil as and when required, to add coat shine and aid effective detoxification.
When used as directed, this bundle will last a 20kg dog 60 days in total which works out at only 75p per day