Proflax Puppy Wellness Bundle

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Bundle consisting of

1 x 350g Tummy Tastic,

1 x 250ml Puppy Power 

1 x 100ml Calm & Collected

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Puppies need more support as they grow, both physically and emotionally. Their bones, joints, nervous system, organs – especially the skin – are all forming at a rapid rate in the first 12 – 16 months of their lives, plus they are learning how to socialise and behave through training.

Supporting this important phase with the extra nutrients and therapeutic ingredients found in Proflax will ensure that your puppy is getting the very best start in life!

Proflax Puppy Wellness Bundle contains Puppy Power Oil which supports all aspects of general health, Tummy Tastic powder which contains pre & probiotics and helps to maintain a healthy microbiome – so that ‘good’ gut bacteria which can be compromised when pups eat things that they shouldn’t! This bundle also includes a small ‘booster’ bottle of Calm & Collected Oil which can be used in conjunction with your pups training programme as it allows for greater focus and concentration.


We recommend that you feed Tummy Tastic and Puppy Power Oil in daily rotation, so one product one day and the other the next. Use Calm & Collected Oil as and when required, such as pre-training to give a calming and focus boost.
When used as directed, this bundle will last a 20kg puppy 60 days in total which works out at only 75p per day